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CALLING ALL BEAUTY ARTISTS - Receive up to 30% Off When You Apply for Your PROSTORE PROCARD

How to Apply and Use Your PROSTORE Discount

  • Fill out application form below

  • You must provide/upload credentials and/or (certificate) along with valid government identification. The easiest way to do this is to take a picture on your mobile phone and upload to application. 

  • Strongest credentials include but are not limited to license or certificate from beauty school, union card, published work, listing with a makeup agency, fully developed professional website etc. If you have any of the listed "strongest credentials" provide at least ( 1 ) for higher PROCARD award.

  • Other credentials include but are not limited to business or comp card listing you as a makeup artist, call or tear sheets, websites or pictures of published works etc. 

  • You will be contacted via email with your Pro Card award and promotional discount code(s)  24-48 hours after submitting application receive up to 3% off qualified cosmetic brands based on credentials. (If you are not contacted in that timeline please email: PROCARDS@PROSTOREBEAUTY.COM Immediately. 

  •  Shop by adding items to your cart.

  • Enter your unique PROCARD discount code(s) before checking out to apply discount. If you do not enter PROCARD code(s) you will not receive discount(s)!

  • PROCARD Code(s) are renewed 2 years after being issued and PROCARD qualifications are verified and/or revoked at sellers discretion. PROSTORE Beauty reserves the right to reject application or relinquish PROCARD benefits at any time.